Latest technology Energy Efficiency applications in our Hotel

The most advanced energy saving technologies were embodied in the hotel’s construction and all modern requirements for a comfortable and pleasant stay were met.

Our buildings have environmentally friendly systems, such as thermal insulation system, photovoltaic system, energy efficiency windows, solar air conditioning, low consumption lighting, waste management and solar heating. In this way, you can leisurely enjoy luxurious holidays.

  • External thermal insulation system
    External thermal insulation system

    The building's shell is made with external thermal insulation system, which has a particularly low coefficient of thermal conductivity and thus there is a great deal of energy cool / heat saved.

  • Energy efficient windows
    Energy efficient windows

    The window frames and glasses are of energy type that allow a very low thermal transmittance of Uf = 1,0W/m2k, wherein the combination of the two material,s the energy windows and the wall insulation are providing the maximum coefficient of heat insulation of the building during the whole year.

  • Solar air conditioning
    Solar air conditioning

    To fulfil the needs of space cooling and heating the solar system with the assistance of heat pump and in combination with a solar heating system was used, so that the needs of cooling heating as well as hot water are fully covered using renewable energy sources. Alternatively, the cooling capability is provided by the use of a ceiling fan.

  • Solar thermal system
    Solar thermal system

    Hot Water for sanitary use is produced from solar energy with the assistance of heat pump.

  • Photovoltaic system
    Photovoltaic system

    Photovoltaic system is providing electric energy generation, in a combination with an energy storage system to power the consumptions of the accommodation and also the charging of the electric bicycles and an electric car (prepared to be installed).

  • B.E.M.S. - Building Energy Management System
    B.E.M.S. - Building Energy Management System

    An energy management system (B.E.M.S. - Building Energy Management System) is installed, with the use of which, the maximum energy saving is achieved, while offering great convenience and facilities to the visitors.

  • Low power LED Lighting
    Low power LED Lighting

    Particular emphasis was given to the lighting of the accommodation, so that your stay is made as pleasant as possible with the least possible energy consumption (LED lamps and B.E.M.S.) and with atmospheric lighting scenarios.

  • Waste management
    Waste management

    The hotel is featuring a waste management system.

Suites, Apartments in Toroni

Our rooms and suites are equipped with the most advanced technology in energy saving appliances and applications for a comfortable and pleasant stay.

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